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Get A Spare Car Key Cut

Call us to make a duplicate car key on the spot!

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Our auto locksmith team can duplicate car keys for you to save you time and money. It is much cheaper than making a new car key or re-keying the lock in your car, which besides being expensive also takes some time. It is always a good idea to have two or even more car keys with you. One that you use all the time and second one somewhere in a safe place. That way, if you lose the main key, getting a copy is not a problem as you still have one. We are a nationwide company so you can come to visit us at any place and time, we will make a spare key for you on a spot at an affordable rate. Think about duplicating your car key so you don’t have to worry again.

Call Upon Our Key Spare Key Services

Making a car key copy is easy, cheap and there are many situations when a spare car key will help you get on with your life with minimal interruptions. Call upon our car key duplication services when: 

You Lose the Original

Being on a road trip or holidays is a time when we are more relaxed and we don’t think about all things we should do or stuff we should take. How many times did you forget your bag or didn’t remember where you left your wallet? The same can happen with your car key. It is more probably to lose it one day if several people use the same one. new car keys cutYou will, most likely, eventually remember where you put your stuff, but what if it takes all day to do that? And what if this one time, when you need it the most, you will not remember where is your car key?

Your Car Key Breaks

Keys tend to break after some time of using. The car keys are stronger than the regular keys, however, there might be a situation when you accidentally break it. If you lose your car key, there is still hope that you will find it, but if you break it, the only solution is to call the service provider that will help you. It means you will have to spend your time on going there, waiting for the technician to make you a new key and pay for that service, which would probably not be cheap.

Your Car Key Gets Stolen

It is not a surprise for anyone that cars get stolen very often. During holidays when you are sightseeing or sunbathing on the beach, your car is left somewhere in the parking and nobody is watching it. There is no better time for a thief to get into the car then while you are enjoying your days off, and to get inside. A thief needs to have your car key. We are pretty convinced that even if you manage to prevent your car from being stolen, the thief will not return the key to your hands. Even if it is left somewhere, you might, unfortunately, never find it. In that case, you will need a replacement car key. Depending on the model, it might take a while and cost you some money, the same as when with the broken key.

Car Key Gets Locked Inside the Car 

When you are in a hurry or too busy with thinking about more important stuff, you might forget to take your car key from the car. If your car doesn’t lock immediately after the door is closed, there is no problem. But if you have a car with a system that doesn’t let you go inside after that, you might be stuck in a car lockout. This issue also happens quite often. If you didn’t duplicate the car key, you might have a problem. You can call the professional to come and open the door for you, however, it will cost and you will have to wait for the technician, which might change your plans.

Plan Ahead With A Duplicate Car Key

Imagine going by car for a trip with friends or on holidays with your family. Everyone is going out of the car, enjoying the beautiful view and the moment you want to go back inside you realize that the car key is locked inside or that you lost it. Has that situation ever happened to you? What would you do if the weather was bad and you couldn’t go inside your car because you didn’t have the spare car key? If you have never been in that situation before, all the more you should think about how important is to prevent that. This happens quite often and an additional key at that moment can be a lifesaver. That’s the main reason why we should think about having a spare car key, copy or duplicate of a car key before going out.

Get a Spare Car Key Made Sooner

Lots of people might think that in the XXI century when the technology is well-developed and people have new ideas every day, the car key copy is an unnecessary thing. We go out in the morning, get to the car and go to work without realizing that something can happen and we might need the second key without which our day will be ruined. Nobody thinks about it until that day actually comes. We don’t realize how valuable this little thing is until one day we cannot go by car for a very important meeting or to any other place and we have to change our plans. There are several situations when this small key that you should always have with you, hidden somewhere in a handbag, might come useful.

We are happy to help with any issue. If you need an additional car key because something bad happened to the one you were using, call 247 Car Locksmith and we will gladly make you a new one.