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Expert Car Lock Rekeying

Car lock re-keying is a cheaper alternative to lock replacements that yield similar results. Our car re-key service experts service all car makes and models.

Professional Car Lock Re-key Services

When it comes time to change a car lock, choosing to rekey the lock can be a much more cost-effective solution that would give you practically the same results. If you are seeking a cheaper alternative to lock changing, our locksmiths are prepared to help you out with all your car lock re-key needs. We also offer lock replacement services, and our locksmiths can advise you on choosing the best option for you.

car lock rekeyOur automobile lock re-key services include:

  • Ignition lock re-keys
  • Car door lock rekey
  • Trunk lock rekeying
  • Motorcycle lock rekeys

There is more than one reason why rekeying car locks is a good idea. Faulty wafers inside car locks, lost keys, replaced locks after vandalism and many more. With so many reasons to re-key your car locks, our car lock re-key professionals are just a phone call away from coming right to you and assisting you with all your car lock re-key needs.

What is Car Lock Rekeying

Auto locksmiths have been rekeying car locks ever since locks were created rekey-able. If a lock can be taken apart and put back together, it can be rekeyed. Lock re-keying is done when locksmiths take car locks apart and then put them back together again, after re-arranging the wafers within the lock. Completing this process makes it so that a new key will be used when unlocking the vehicle lock from then on. Since car lock rekeying accomplishes the same results as changing car locks, in many situations, our locksmiths recommend it as a more affordable alternative to new lock installations.

Ignition Lock Re-keys

We are often asked whether or not it is possible to re-key ignitions. Vehicle ignitions are just a fancy way of saying locks. We can surely rekey ignitions since we rekey all types of locks for vehicles. If your cylinder within your lock needs to be exchanged for a new one, we can help you out. If you find yourself requiring our ignition rekey services, don’t hesitate to contact our professional auto locksmith team. Our ignition lock re-key services are done quickly and professionally on location for your convenience. The entire process takes around fifteen minutes to half an hour to complete, leaving you with an essentially brand new ignition lock.

When to Re-Key a Car Lock

Not sure if car lock rekeying is the right choice for you? These are some of the most popular reasons why you might consider re-keying your car lock in place of changing them.

Lost Keys

Often when individuals lose their car key, they wonder if they should be replacing the lock. We are here to tell you that while of course, you can have your car locks replaced if you’d like to, our car locksmith experts can re-key your car locks for you which will make your lost car key unusable. You would essentially be fulfilling the exact same objective as changing your car door locks, but you’d save yourself a busload of cash in the process.

After an Attempted Break-in

If there was an attempted car theft on your vehicle, you will want to be proactive in not only repairing any damage they may have been done to your car locks. If you see that damage was done, you will want to have the entire lock changed, or the faulty part of the internal locking mechanism. Additionally, if you suspect that your car key was stolen but there is no physical damage done to your locks, you should consider getting your car locks re-keyed by our expert locksmith team. Having each of your car locks rekeyed will ensure that no matter where your old car key may have ended up, no one will be able to get inside and steal your car since the old key will now be rendered useless.

Car Lock Re-Key Prices

As with any other valuable service, lock rekeys do cost money. Our locksmith service costs account for the time spent completing the service, as well as the cost of the service performance, and of course, the cost of parts used. That being said, since there is no new lock being installed in your vehicle and we are instead moving around the inner components of your lock, you'd be saving yourself a lot of money by having your vehicle locks rekeyed instead of having them replaced altogether. At the end of the day, your lock will function as new, while all your paying for is our expertise. 

Get your car locks re-keyed and save yourself some cold hard cash- Call us today!