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When Your Keys Are Locked In Trunk of The Car

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unlock the car trunkWhen you’re going on a trip with your friends or family, you want to have fun, spend your time in a good company and don’t worry about anything. However, in life, we never know what will happen in next few minutes or hours. That’s why when something happens to our car or car keys, we are usually not prepared and we have to find the way out of the situation on the spot. The problem with car keys is that they can get lost, they can break or just stop working properly after some time of using them. But what if by accident we lock them in the trunk? There is a lot of situations how that can happen — we can be in a hurry, we can talk to our friend and forget that we put them there to take our shopping bags, they can slide into the trunk while we were taking our stuff out. But that’s not the most important here. We need those car keys and we have to take them out somehow.


What Do I Do? I Locked My Keys In My Trunk! 

First thing is that we shouldn’t get stressed and we should avoid panicking. Being nervous will for sure not help us and will cause even more troubles than we wish. We should stay calm and think about the best solution. If we have a spare car key — there is no problem. Most of us will, however, probably not have it but from now on we should remember to get a copy of the car key when we get back home. The other option can be a key left in our friend’s car. We don’t usually think about it when going out somewhere together but that’s something that can save our time, money and maybe even lives.

We can also try to open our car on our own before actually calling an expert to help us. If you have an older model of a car, like one in which the locks are situated in the handle of the interior door, it may be difficult. However, there are some ways to do it. One of the easier solutions is when you have a car with old model locks that are fitted with those little buttons. You need to find a thing which you will be able to fit between the rubber and the window in your car and try to release the latch controlling the trunk.

In a new model of a car, systems responsible for locking doors are electrical. Here, you will only have to find a panel with a fuse located next to the driver’s door. When you do that, unlocking door and trunk should be easy. However, if it’s not, you will have no other option than to call our emergency roadside car locksmith who will come and help you.


We are Here To Help You!

When you are in a need, you want someone to help you right away. If you have an important meeting, you have to go to work, school or anywhere else where you need a car to go to, every second counts for you. In that case, it is good to have a number of our nearest 247 Car Locksmith who will be able to help us quickly. The place should have a good reputation, it should be a worldwide company, it should have appropriate certifications. Also, things like price and quality are really important.

car keys saved from the trunk

Car lockouts are not only when we cannot go into our vehicle but also when our car keys are locked inside, either in the car or the car trunk. Whatever the reason is, the situation makes us feel frustrated, nervous or even angry. Some people might feel embarrassed it happened to them and don’t want to call the expert. It is a common thing which happens more often than we think. We shouldn’t be ashamed it happened to us. While being in a hurry or distracted by something, we do things without thinking about it. For that kind of situations, we provide various types of car lockout services. Our company can also help you when the lockout happened somewhere far away from your home when you are on the road. It’s probably even more disturbing situation as we are going to some place which is important for us and suddenly we have to stop cause our car keys got locked. That’s why we have emergency roadside car locksmith who you can call wherever you are and be sure that help will come soon. 


Our Car Locksmith Services For When Your Keys Are Locked In the Trunk

We are a nationwide company with good reputation. We can provide you with a solution for any of your issues connected with lockouts wherever you are. We are mobile so we can arrive at your place or location without any problem having all necessary equipment and tools. If it happens that you are stuck somewhere in the middle of the night and you are wondering what to do now because every locksmith is closed until morning — don’t worry! Our company is opened 24/7 so it doesn’t matter what time you will call us. One of our workers will be happy to rescue you anytime you need it. We also offer very affordable locksmith prices which goes together with a good quality. Our employees are qualified and have appropriate knowledge and certificates. We guarantee that our job will be done quickly and safely.

When you've locked keys in trunk, you need help from car locksmith professionals — don’t hesitate and call us right away!