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Broken Car Key Service

An important business meeting, job interview, your child waiting in the kindergarten — these are situations when you don't want to have any problems with your car keys. However, as it usually is in life, when we need to get somewhere as soon as possible, our car keys tend to not work. Sometimes we don't have any other transport then our car and if that happens, we are usually stuck. But don't worry: we are here for you and we are always on call to help you with any problem.

Bent or broken car keyWe get annoyed and frustrated by the fact that our key doesn't want to work when we really need it. Instead of getting to work or school on time, we have to wait for someone to help us. There is no problem if we have a spare car key copy which is a really good idea if we know that our car is important for us on daily basis and we cannot go anywhere using other means of transport. Most of the time, however, we don't think about keeping a spare key just in case, so we don't have it. Then, only the locksmith can help us. There is a number of reasons why the key is not working. We can have our car key broken or stuck in the ignition system, but it can also be worn and not working properly as it should because of that. The locksmith will remove the broken key from the lock and get us a new one.

You can try to avoid having a broken-key situation by having your locks and keys regularly checked together with your car. Lubricating your locks at least once a year and replacing locks with the new ones when they are worn will help you keep your lock in shape. Of course, we cannot foresee and avoid every single possibility of breaking the car key. However, when you get a new car, you should think about saving the original key and make a duplicate that you will use. Copies tend to stop working after some time and when you have the original key hidden somewhere at home, you will not have to worry. It will save your time, money and will make you avoid stressful situations. The more duplicates of the original you get, the more often it will not work properly as it will be far from the original one.


How Fast Can You Fix A Broken Car Key?

Different solutions of fixing car keys are used depending on the type of the key. If you have one of those simple, flat car keys, our technician will cut a new one for you and it will take only a few minutes. However, if you have a remote key for your car, it might take a little bit longer as the key has to be correctly programmed for it to work. It is much more complicated. The key uses radio frequency waves to connect with your car and lock or unlock the door. That's why this will take about 30 minutes. However, when you think about it, the time you have to wait for our locksmith to solve your problem is not that long as one might think.

All of the types of car keys might be difficult to replace if they break or get stolen but here at 247 Car Locksmith, we have the best technicians who will gladly help you with any kind of problem you might have. They are trained and experiences, they are experts in their field and because of that, they know what they are doing. Our broken car key service provides our clients with the best ways of repairing or replacing car keys. We are a nationwide company, so you don't have to worry — we can reach you wherever you are within 30 minutes.

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Our Locksmiths Are On Call 24/7!

We are a 24/7 specialist automobile locksmith company and that's why, when everything else is closed and you would have to wait, we are here for you, hurrying up to help you with your issues. You can call us in the morning, in the afternoon or even in the middle of the night when your family and friends are sleeping. We will arrive as soon as it's possible, whenever you need it.


Our Other Car Key Services for You

We can offer a range of different services such as broken car key, however, if you have a problem of a different kind like keys locks inside of the car, you are locked out, you need car keys replacement, your car key is stuck in the ignition or any other, we can help you as well.

Our workers have all the equipment needed for any of the problems that you may encounter. Before they come to you, they will ask you what kind of problem do you have and provide you with the best solution with everything being done only with your approval. We have the required certificates to prove our quality and professionalism. We offer you the cheapest car locksmith services you can possibly find.

If you have any problem with your car key because it is broken, or you are not able to pull it back from the ignition, call us. We guarantee the best quality of services without making you to wait for one of our locksmiths.


You can be sure that when you call our 247 Car Locksmith service, the work will be done professionally, quickly and affordable.