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Ignition Switch Services

Ignition locked? Won’t Car start? We are here to assist you with all your ignition switch replacement and repair needs 24/7. Our car locksmiths are just a phone call away!

ignition switch solutions

Our Car Ignition Services

Our car locksmith team offers superior quality ignition system services 24/7. We guaranteed 100% client satisfaction with each of our services. Each of our mobile locksmith technicians is fully equipped with all the specialized tools needed to service your ignition at your location. With a team of qualified car locksmith technicians nationwide, we are fully committed to service your car’s ignition system at the most reasonable locksmith rates available. We can assist you with the following ignition services:

  • Ignition repairs
  • Broken car key extraction from ignition
  • Ignition switch replacement
  • Ignition control module troubleshooting
  • Ignition lock installation

Regardless of which ignition switch service you are seeking, our expert auto locksmith team can help you out. If you need expert locksmith help for your ignition system, don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 Car Locksmith team today. 

Our Ignition Switch Solutions

Regardless of which services you need to get you back out on the road, or if you’re unsure of what is wrong with your vehicle, our 24-hour car locksmiths are here to help you. We offer quality ignition system services with 100% client satisfaction guaranteed. We’re available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to resolve all your car ignition system and car ignition key needs. Our team of talented auto locksmith technicians is committed to providing you with high end services at lowest possible rates.

Our professional ignition services include:

Broken Ignition Key Extraction

If your car key snapped and broke in half inside your car’s ignition, you’ll need to get it out and then try to figure out what exactly the issue is that caused the key getting stuck in the first place. Our team can assist you with removing the broken key from the ignition by using our specialty locksmith tools that can reach into small lock spaces without damaging your vehicle’s ignition in any way.

Ignition Switch Repairs & Replacements

We can replace your ignition switch for you in less than half an hour. Once we reach your location and gauge the issue at hand, we will remove the screws and bolts that are holding the ignition switch together. At that point we can replace ignition switches with a new ignition switch that functions properly. Once the ignition switch has been replaced, our car locksmith who is assisting you will put the ignition cover back on. Every part of your ignition switch must be put back in place carefully, this includes plastic covers, latches and of course the screws and bolts. We must insure that not a scratch makes its way onto your ignition switch, leaving your ignition system functioning and looking like new. Because of our experience, this entire process usually takes our technicians only 20 minutes to complete. At this point, your car should be running as smoothly as ever.

Ignition switches control whether or not your vehicle lights and radio turn on, as well as if your vehicle starts altogether. If your ignition switch is faulty, we can help you repair the electrical shortage in no time, as well as replace your ignition switch entirely if need be. Our technicians are fully equipped to fix any ignition issues as well as complete and ignition switch replacement services for you on the spot.

Locked Ignition Solutions

If your ignition locked in place and is refusing to turn and unlock itself, even after you’ve tried moving your steering wheel from side to side and gently wiggling your key around in the ignition, there is likely an issue with your either your key or with your ignition system. Our certified car locksmiths with be able to right over and diagnose what exactly the issue is with your locked ignition. Next, our expert will be able to help you with reprogram transponder key reprogram, fix your faulty ignition wire or deal with whatever issue is causing your ignition to lock.

Ignition Lock Cylinder Repairs

If you’re having issues with your ignition lock cylinder, the good news is that most cars are fitted with an ignition cylinder that is removable and can be changed fairly easily and inexpensively. Our ignition lock experts can help you repair or replace the cylinder in your ignition lock in no time, allowing you to get your car unlocked and driving again within minutes.

Diagnosing Ignition Problems

The ignition switch together with your car key primarily serves as an extra level of security protection for your vehicle. When a specific key is inserted into your car’s ignition lock cylinder which will then let you turn the switch. It works similarly to any other lock; inserting a key into the switch enables a row of lock pins in the cylinder to line up. Once this is done, the ignition lock cylinder will turn which will then let the ignition switch positions, thereby unlocking the vehicle.

Since ignition systems have many parts that must all work together in order to lock and unlock your vehicle, if even one part of the system is not functioning properly, the vehicle won’t start, essentially leaving you locked out of car. If you suspect that something isn’t working quite right with your vehicle, our auto locksmiths can come over and help you figure out what exactly the issue is with your ignition system.

Call our 24 hour car locksmith service if your vehicle experiences any of the following:

  • Locked Ignition Switch Won't Turn
  • Ignition Switch turns but engine won’t start
  • Key Broken Off Inside the Ignition Switch
  • Key Jammed in Ignition
  • Engine Starts and Runs Normally, but Suddenly Dies While Driving

If your car ignition is not functioning properly, you will need to figure out what exactly the issue with you ignition control module is. Our car locksmiths are prepared to come to your location in order to assess your ignition system for you. Only after diagnosing and locating the precise issue with your ignition can we get to work repairing your vehicle’s ignition switch. If you notice any of the following issues with your ignition system, contact our locksmith team immediately:

To have your car’s ignition looked at by one of our mobile locksmith technicians, contact us today!