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Car Key Extraction Services

Car key stuck inside your car door lock? Our mobile car key extraction specialists can reach you at your location & carefully remove your key for you.

If your vehicle key is broken or stuck inside your car lock, our car key removal experts can come to your vehicle and delicately extract your key with care.

car key extractionsOur auto key extraction services include:

  • Broken Key removal
  • Jammed key extraction
  • Key cutting after extractions
  • Frozen key in lock removal
  • Key in rusty lock extraction
  • Ignition Key extraction

Car Key Extraction from Door Locks

Our key extraction technicians can remove your jammed key from your car door locks easily whenever you call upon our services. Car door locks are constantly exposed to the elements on a regular basis, which is why they can rust, expand or contract from time to time. When a key is inserted into a damaged lock, it can get stuck, causing it to be difficult to extract on one’s own without specialty tools. Our experts are here to assist you when you find yourself in need of our car key extraction from car doors.

Key Removal from Rusty Locks

Rusty locks are one of the most common causes for keys getting stuck inside car locks. Even though locks are treated with anti-rust protection, over time this level of protection can disappear, leaving your car lock with serious rust damage. You might not even see the rust, as it could be deep inside the lock cylinder and hidden from view. If your key is jammed inside your lock, give us a ring and we’ll come right over to assess the issue for you.

Broken Car Key Removal

If your key gets stuck in your car lock, you might try to twist it and pull it out, anything to get it out. At times though, when you try too hard to remove your key, your key can simply snap in half, leaving you with a broken key inside your lock and a broken head of a key in your hand. Situations like this are extremely frustrating, as they leave you without a working key and without a working lock. If you find yourself in need of our broken car key extraction services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of mobile key extraction technicians can reach you quickly and remove your broken key bit from your car lock for you promptly.

Car Key Replacement after Extractions

After extracting your broken car key from your car door lock or car ignition, you will need to resolve whatever issues caused you to call upon our services in the first place. Some problems with locks can be solved by cleaning and spraying the lock, while other issues are a bit more complex. At times, the metal components within the inner lock mechanism can get warped beyond repair. After fixing the lock, our mobile key cutting experts will be able to make you a replacement car key right away. No matter what type of car you drive, we have the tools needed to extract your key as well as replace your lock for you and cut you a new car key on-the-spot.

Car Key Extraction from Ignition Locks

If your key is stuck inside your automobile’s ignition, we can help you extract your ignition key meticulously and professionally. There are many things that can cause your key to get stuck in your ignition. There is a possibility that there is an issue with your ignition lock’s cylinder, however, many times, the ignition shuts down and it has little to do with the physical lock components and more to do with the ignition’s computer system. At the end of the day, no matter what is causing your car key to get stuck inside your vehicle’s ignition, our experienced car locksmith professionals can diagnose the issue for you. Once our locksmith removes your jammed ignition key, he can attempt to resolve the issue carefully and responsibly, leaving you with a properly working car key and ignition lock.

To have a car key extracted right away, call upon our mobile key removal experts. Don’t wait- Call today!