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Transponder Key Services

In order to prevent car thefts, many newer car models come with transponder key systems. Our car transponder key experts can provide you with an all-inclusive 24/7 transponder key services such as transponder key replacement and programming.

What is a Transponder Key?

smart car key A transponder key is an average looking car key that has a small chip inside it that is deceptively high-tech and helps prevent your vehicle from being stolen.  

Each car key chip actually has a very specific serial number preprogrammed in it from when the key was first made. A transponder key does not work on its own; it needs to be paired up with a receiver which is in the car’s ignition in order for it to work. When your transponder is in close proximity to a receiver, the receiver will see if the serial number is an exact match or not. If the coded signal is a match to the signal being sent from the receiver, the car will automatically unlock. Once the car transmission is unlocked, you can start your car.

We Care for all Your Transponder Car Keys Needs

Hardly anyone thinks about the complicated technology that is activated every time they start their car, which is the way it should be. Transponder keys are designed to need little to no maintenance. That being said; if even one aspect of your transponder key system isn’t working, your vehicle won’t start and you’ll find yourself in a car lockout situation.

transponder car keyWe can help you out with any of the following transponder key services:

  • Lost transponder key replacement
  • Broken or damaged transponder key repairs
  • Transponder key duplication
  • Onboard key programming
  • Transponder key chip syncing

To have your transponder car key needs met ASAP; call upon our 24-hour car locksmiths!

Transponder Key Programming

Many people don’t know is that there are two different types of transponder keys, zero bitted transponder keys and encrypted transponder keys. They function the same way as each other but require different tools and techniques when it comes to duplicating them.

Zero Bitted Transponder Keys

Zero bitted transponder keys can be copied and duplicated without much difficulty. This is simply due to the fact that they have no present inscription code on them and can, therefore, be cloned.

Encrypted Transponder Car Keys

Encrypted keys, on the other hand, have a preset encryption code that needs to be programmed to match the car and are more difficult to duplicate and need to be programmed by a qualified professional locksmith.

Car Remotes

Car remotes are often mistaken for transponder keys, when in fact; they are two completely different things. Transponder keys work together with your car’s ignition system to form an automatic security system that controls whether or not your vehicle will be able to start or not. Car remotes, on the other hand, control the locking and unlocking of your car door, trunk, and windows. The function of a car remote is to unlock the doors of your vehicle, and not your car’s ignition. Locking and unlocking your car’s ignition can only be done if your key contains a functioning transponder key chip in it.

Why are Car remotes often confused with transponder keys? The answer is simple: Many car keys come with car remotes and transponder key chips all in one, and to the untrained eye, it can be hard to tell whether or not a car key has a transponder key chip inside of it or not. Fortunately for you, our auto locksmiths are experienced professionals who can tell you exactly what type of key your vehicle needs and can help you repair or replace all car keys that you might have.

Our experienced auto locksmiths have all the tools necessary to replace or program your transponder keys. To avail yourself of our services, call us today!